Why Remodel Your Kitchen


1. Put a Personal Spin on Your Kitchen

If you purchased a pre-owned single-family home, the style of the kitchen might not be to your taste. For instance, the cabinetry might be traditional in style, when you have more minimalist, modern tastes. During the remodeling design process, you pick out everything – from the cabinetry style, color and materials to countertops, fixtures and appliances. Abbey’s Kitchens, Bathrooms & Interiors will help you define your style.


Steven has the experience to include the features you want and put them all together in a cohesive design that will make you say “Wow!”

Abbey's custom kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel accents
Abbey's custom kitchen design with medium wood cabinets and attached breakfast bar

2. Improve Usability

Does your kitchen feel cramped or awkward? It could be due to the layout of the kitchen. Usability is a very personal choice.

  • Is there more than one cook in the kitchen?
  • Does one of you do the cutting, chopping & prep, while another manages the work done on the stovetop?
  • The size of your family plays into the equation: perhaps you need a prep/cooking area and a separate cleanup area?

Before starting your kitchen renovation, please sit down with Steven from Abbey’s!
With 30+ years of kitchen design experience, he knows the right questions to ask to assure your preferences are addressed, and a kitchen can be created for you that is both functional and aesthetic appealing.

3. Cabinetry Upgrades Available

Kitchen designers have more accessories at their disposal to add better functionality to a kitchen. Especially in cabinetry, cabinets are no longer just boxes with shelves. Stylish, functional pull-outs and dividers create cabinets that address some of the past problems. For example, blind corners are now much more usable. The back of a base cabinets are accessible with pull-outs. Open base cabinets can be replaced with drawers that offer dividers for better arrangement of appliances or easy and safe stacking of dishes.

Call Steven today for an appointment to get your kitchen assessed.


What do you dream about doing with your Kitchen or Bathroom?

How can I help develop your ideas into something fantastic?

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